Down Under Has So Much to Offer: Let Her Charm You


Of all the places you could elect to visit for your next holiday Australia should be up there. Oz is a wonderful country with so much to offer the keen and eager tourist. Check out these wonderful things the country has to offer, and let her charm you.

Aboriginal Culture

One of the best things about Australia is the diverse culture in the country. There is still a huge Aboriginal culture in the country that exists alongside the rest of Australia. And it’s fascinating to see just how different these cultures are. Learning all about the Aboriginal people and their culture is a great way to go deeper into the magic of Australia. So, it might be worth going to see the world’s oldest art at Carnarvon National Park. Paintings on the walls tell stories of generations gone by, and it’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in another world for a time.


Sun Kissed Beaches

When you think of Australia, your thoughts probably turn to beautiful sun kissed beaches. And that is certainly one of the things we are known for. Forget everything you think you know about beaches; you’re in the big leagues now. Imagine golden sand and an azure blue ocean full of escape and opportunity. You have to make sure you visit at least one beach while you’re there – Bondi Beach if possible!


Visit Darwin

If you want to choose a place to visit that perfectly encapsulates Australia it’s Darwin. This is the capital of the Northern Territory and lies on the edge of where the city meets the Outback. It is also home to the largest national park in the country. So, why not check out Travezl and see whether ever there are any tours coming up. It would be great to have a guided tour of the national park, as well as enjoying local art and the beaches in the area.

The Outback

One of the most beautiful and fascinating areas in the whole of Australia is the Outback. This is a remote and arid area in the country’s Northern Territory. The Outback desert lands are beautiful and picturesque, and home to Ayers Rock, a national icon. But, if you are planning on visiting the Outback, please make sure you don’t go alone. You need to be sure you are in a group and that you have at least one guide who knows the area. It can be a very dangerous place so you’ve got to be as careful as possible.


Sydney might not be the capital, but it’s often thought of as the main city in Australia. It’s a hub of business and culture and is revered the world over. That’s why you need to take a look at going to Sydney if you possibly can. There are a lot of great cultural things you could do such as visit the Sydney Opera House and check out Sydney Harbour Bridge. Immerse yourself in this wonderful, friendly city, and get a great taste of Oz.

sydney opera house

As you can see, there are so many things you can see and do in Australia. The Land Down Under is a magical place full of amazing sights and experiences. And you need to make the most of her by having the best time you possibly can. Try out lots of the different things Australia has to offer and really get to know the country better.  

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