Paul skydiving

What’s on your bucket list?

Perhaps visit the Pacific islands, watch a broadway show, sip green tea prepared in a monastery…Paul likes to do things that involve more adrenaline. He is not really badass- but if there is something that involves going down a ride or wave he is happiest when this is fast!

So there we were, four friends together diving in the Whitsundays, then looking out over beautiful beaches, sipping a cocktail at the end of the day. Paul decides to try and convince everyone that what we all need is to jump out of a plane! Now I could not think of anything worse and was happy to hear that I had this belief supported. But I should of known that Paul’s mate was going to be keen and we knew that there was no way to convince these two that this was NOT a good idea!

Here is Paul’s tale…

You simply must do this.  We made the call and were given various options to jump out of a plane. We chose the highest and although it might be extra money,  there is no point doing it unless you have a long free fall.

I was so excited. We arrived and were given a brief WHS video which went over the risks of falling from a plane, trying to put these into perspective. I really don’t know if  it was needed, seems a little self-explanatory but it did little for
the French girl that was in our group who was visibly trembling after the induction…

We then made our way to a waiting area and watched a very rickety old plane sputter up and away from the runway and that made me feel better that we were going to land in a parachute. We got a briefing (emphasis on “brief”) on what we were to do. This involved- jump out,  cross your arms, arch your back . Then how to land: lift your legs up. We were set. I thought, well, hopefully they give us more information in the plane because I had nothing…

So we met our instructors. I had a really cool guy from Zimbabwae who had been travelling the world for the past 8 years skydiving. He immediately put me at ease and I asked him to give me a  “full experience”.


We took off in evidently the second oldest plane in the world, and as we coughed our way up, I started to think 14 000 feet looks pretty high. My instructor told me we were going to look outside to see if the spot was good. I leaned out of the plane with my instructor and thought,  it definitely looked very high. I have no idea what you could tell, but evidently it was a good spot to jump and was told to hang my legs out of a plane, as you do.
The next second I was out the plane and on my way to the ground. I think I was the lucky one. My mate was left watching me flick out of a plane like a piece of rubbish, into oblivion, and he started to wonder about this idea… Nevertheless we made our way down chasing each other and doing some awesome turns over the Whitsunday islands as our instructors showed us what it was like to skydive.


What a buzz! I loved every second of the free fall. After this amazing rush, it is so cool to  twist and turn then finally cruise in the parachute before “touching down”.  I need to convince Sofia that we should do this …

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