Does this really work? Para’Kito wristbands to test

May 15, 2015

There’s a dark side to island living – most of the time it’s all sunshine, palm trees and bikinis – but when the sun goes down, that’s when things can get itchy.

You can’t avoid exploring at dusk in Australia- enjoying a drink out with friends, catching the sunset over a different headland… But when the mosquitoes come out, life becomes pretty crowded.

As mosquito food for the past decade and sick of spraying myself every couple of hours (and then having to smell it!), I decided to put the Para’kito wristband to the test!

The wristband comes in different colours and the pellets have a pleasant smell of essential oils, is environmentally friendly and has no chemicals.

Over the past month it has been my constant companion everywhere I went. From the beach to the mountains.. I was stoked that it was lightweight and waterproof which was perfect for me! I swam in the ocean wearing it, did bush walks and kayaked with it.

How to use it

Just insert the pellet that comes with your bracelet (it comes with 2 pellets) and voila! Bye bye itchy bites! you can leave it on you al the time.
The other positive side is that it also repels other nasty insects like sandflies, flies and midges.
It is recommended to replace the pellets every 15 days although I have used mine for more days and it worked perfectly until the 27th day.

How much will it cost?

Para’Kito bands are priced at RRP $24.95 and come with two refill pellets.
Refill packs with two pellets are also available and priced at RRP $15.95

Para’Kito wristbands









  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Light weight


  • Advised to replace pellets every 15 days

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