Dismal if You’re Not a Dare Devil


Paul was keen. Really keen. I could think of many other things that would have been better. Much better…

When traveling through the Tarkine forest area, there is a stop you can make to a sink hole, where water naturally drains out of what would would be a swamp. This forest area is famous for these features. What makes this stop unique is the way you are able to view this sink hole. There is a slide. A 110 metre slide with only two turns going straight down to this spot.


I was terrified!!! and Paul was so pumped!

I hate roller coasters. I went on one once and spewed. I looked green for hours afterward. So to please Paul and justify my future options to view markets, i agreed to take him to this place!

I never intended to ride but was persuaded by the guy there to go down on the slide. What a mistake! He held me there at the top for what seemed like an eternity explaining to me how safe it was. Paul offered encouragement of phrases like, “if you go too fast, you only hit the top, it’s all enclosed”. “They even give you a helmut- it’s really safe”. None of this was helpful.

The guy finally let me go and I closed my eyes and screamed for 12s all the way to the bottom.

Paul arrived shortly after talking about ways we could go faster on our second run. I could not believe they give us two rides for our ticket price. We already went down! Why would you need to do this again?!


Evidently some people (weirds like Paul) find this enjoyable…
(Movie coming soon.,)


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