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sydney by sail yannick kethers

Sydney By Sail

If you think you have seen Australia’s vibrant city, Sydney, from all perspectives and experienced all kinds of activities offered around the Harbour – from the Bridge Climb to the numerous Ferry tours – you might have to think again. Probably, you’ve never had the pleasure of hoisting the sails of a Dufour sailing yacht […]

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cockatoo island

Would You Dare To Visit Cockatoo Island?

As the Cockatoo Island ferry takes you away from Circular Quay, the Opera House and corporate skyline shrink from view and the rounded edges of waterside backyards and jetties appear. It’s a quick scenic ferry ride to the harbour’s largest and most industrious island.  A gateway to several vibrant chapters in Sydney’s history. The corrugated […]

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5 Reasons to Travel Australia

Australia is a country that is on many people’s bucket list, so you may feel like you don’t need any excuses to travel here. But for the people who are concerned about the distance and expense, this post is here to talk you round and get you on board for visiting one of the most […]

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Australia can be dangerous, but if over 24 million people manage to live there day after day, then it’s not the death trap that some newbies fear.

How Australia Makes You Stronger

Some people believe that everything in Australia is out to kill or seriously injure you. Even the cute and cuddly koalas have sharp claws and teeth, and are prepared to use them if necessary. But don’t worry; much like koalas won’t attack if they are treated with care and respect, most other things in Australia […]

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What To Eat In Oz: A Foodie’s Guide To Australia

Australia is a land famed for its wondrous national parks, diverse wildlife, and laid-back lifestyle, but it also has a lot to offer for foodies. If you love food, and you’re interested in indulging your taste buds on a culinary tour Down Under, here’s what you need to eat in Oz.   The infamous Aussie […]

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