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My eyes could not believe it.. A loggerhead turtle dead on the beach… Apparently this turtle was killed by a propeller strike from a passing boat. This kind of occurrences are doubly tragic given the declining number of turtles of reproductive age left in Australian waters. It takes at least 20 years for a turtle […]

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Childers Grand Hotel – Is it really haunted

Grand Hotel in Childers Seeing it is Friday the 13th I thought I should tell you about what happened a couple of days ago… Paul and I stopped at a pub for some food on our way up north… It was a grand old pub and looked like an interesting place to stop- and it […]

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If there’s one state that’s forever been on the crest of the wave when it comes to Australia’s surfing culture, it’s NSW. Dotted along the coastline are surfing reserves, dedicated areas protected for use by the people and the surfing community and recognised as sites of environmental, cultural and historical significance. Of the 11 National Surfing […]

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by Paul… A town on the trip north that catches you eye is Rockhampton. Rocky as it is known as by the locals, is famous for beef, and not just any type of steer- the |Brahman. This type comes from the Asian sub-continent and is sturdy and well acclimatised to the heat of northern QLD. […]

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Rock Climbing in Brisbane

Brisbane is not as fast paced as Melbourne and Sydney. But Australia’s third large city is never short on leisure pursuits – whether it be cycling in the city, rock climbing by the river or scuba diving near Moreton Island. Opposite the botanical gardens on the other side of the river, Kangaroo Point is linked […]

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The Best Sydney Vietnamese Restaurants

I’m a huge fan of authentic and tasty Vietnamese food. It’s a healthy and really tasty food to have on a night-out.  With a large Vietnamese population in Sydney, there is no shortage of excellent Vietnamese restaurants and takeaway options in the city and the quality is often high.  The range of Vietnamese restaurants on offer ranges from cheap no-frills affairs […]

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