Delicious Destinations For Dedicated Foodies


If you love tasting lots of local delicacies when you are away on vacation, it’s worth making food the big focus of your next trip. There are lots of destinations that are great for all kinds of foodies. Whether you love fine-dining in Michelin-starred restaurants or you feel more at home walking around a bustling street-food restaurant, there will be a location that you will be able to sink your teeth into.

Need some inspiration for your next trip? Here are some awesome and delicious ideas.

Paris | France

Paris is thought by many to be the food capital of the world. You will be able to spend your mornings browsing the city’s famous boulangerie bakeries, trying some delicious pastries and baguettes. When it comes to the evening, there are hundreds of sophisticated restaurants dotted around the town. If you really want to push the boat out, why not book a table in the Eiffel Tower’s first-floor eatery?

Delicious Destinations For Dedicated Foodies

Hunter Valley | Australia

Do you love your wine just as much as you love your food? If so, then there isn’t much reason to leave Australia. You can head to the Hunter Valley to see one of our country’s best-loved wine regions. As you can see on the, there are plenty of places you can visit to try yummy food and wine. It’s also a great spot to enjoy long hikes and bike rides.


Tokyo | Japan

Love Asian food? Well, it’s very worth booking a week or two in Japan so that you can explore all that Tokyo has to offer. Before you jet off to Asia, it’s a good idea to do plenty of research and pick out a few different places you want to eat at. Blogs like have plenty of great ideas and tips. There are also lots of tour groups that take visitors on food tours around the city, which are often very reasonably priced. These give you the chance to eat like a local!

Delicious Destinations For Dedicated Foodies

New York | America

Another top foodie destination has to be New York City. Thanks to so many different international cultures and inspirations in the city, the food scene there is truly unforgettable. There’s lots of pizza, bagels, and pastrami sandwiches that you have to try while you are there. There are also lots of iconic diners in which to try all of this food in, such as the Katz Delicatessen which featured in the movie “When Harry Met Sally”.

Barcelona | Spain

Spain is known for lots of traditional dishes, such as Paella, and there is no better city to try them all than Barcelona. You’ll find lots of fresh seafood on the menu in many restaurants and cafes, most of which share small, sharing-size tapas dishes. A great destination for budgets of all sizes, there’s a good mix of affordable street food and decadent Michelin-starred restaurants.

Delicious Destinations For Dedicated Foodies

So, where do you think your next holiday will be? Hopefully, one of these delicious destinations so you can focus on scrumptious food and drink!

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