Nothing Can Prepare You for The Daintree


cassowaries crossing the road in the daintree

cassowaries crossing the road

Daintree village is a tiny riverside community with a dramatic mountain backdrop and a lovely feel to it. However once you cross the river you are in the Daintree proper.

Road Signs

Fittingly, crossing the Daintree River is no ordinary experience- it’s one of the last remaining car ferries in Australia and adds to the sense of entering a frontier wilderness. From here, the road narrows and winds hugging the coast until you reach Cape Tribulation beneath a canopy of rainforest.
our wicked van

our wicked van

Now imagine this beauty and remote feeling all around you and consider how at this moment I realised I had no cash on me.. Now, lesson learnt…If you are travelling with your mum in a wicked van and cross the river into a remote, area, never ever announce that you don’t have any money or your mum will freak out!!! Trust me…So yes, the first couple of (long) minutes in the Daintree was spent trying to find a solution on how to have some money for the basics or at least the ferry return ticket! With that sorted (long story…), Mum realised that these are the things that she will never forget. Great to know we have a happy ending on this little money issue.

getting ready to sleep inside our wicked van

getting ready to sleep inside our wicked van

Back to the Daintree and it’s beauty.. Sleeping amongst the world’s oldest rainforest after snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef reminded me how lucky we are to be able to experience such beauty. It is not often you go to two World Heritage parks in the one day. Nothing can really prepare you for the absolute pristine beauty of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation.

the crossing

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