holding a croc

would you cuddle a croc?

If reptiles are your thing this is the show for you. You will get to pat an iguana, plus hold a large Burmese Python, and even a croc!

Meet Furry – the reptile man

Let me introduce “Furry”!  Furry... What can I say?  You can feel the passion flowing through his words… Crocs, goannas, snakes and the very poisonous tiger snake. Furry grabs them all. This guy loves reptiles… Actually since he was 4!

He is able to explain you the facts and more, tell you all sorts of stories about “his pets” that you can’t help but be enthralled even if at first you were really scared. Ok, I confess- I was scared when the tiger snake was slithering on the floor…

Furry is happy to walk around the tables while you have your lunch within the bearded
dragon… He is genuinely a good guy. Furry has been working with reptiles for
many years and has quite a few stories to tell, including a lesson on snake
safety and some entertaining anecdotes about his pets.

Building on his love of these often misunderstood creatures Brian (aka Furry) now presents the Crocodiles and Dragons Reptile Show. His outgoing, lovable-larrikin personality and his wealth of knowledge from years of reptile handling make this an informative and entertaining show.

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