Crocodile Spotting – Daintree River


The risk of a crocodile attack in Far North Queensland is real, but with some common sense it is avoidable – UFFFF!!! This was the “crocodile man” told us as we went adrift on a small tinnie adrift in the

Daintree River to (hopefully) spot some “saltie” crocs. The mood seems to heighten as the silence increases to a roar. And then the sighting comes. Steady in the water was this big crocodile that we could barely see. The “croc man” kept pointing the crocodiles so well camouflaged that unless we were extremely close to it., we could not see them. Besides their outstanding camouflage skills, these creature have the most advance heart of any living animal on Earth, enable them to reduce their heartbeat for 1 bpm…

After all, these mighty creatures have lived for over 200 millions years and their survival skills are very well upgraded.

can you see the crocodile?

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