Creating Stunning Vacation Videos With The GoPro


Summer is here and so are the vacations, with new destinations, ideas and plans to make the moments memorable. Such moments must be captured to enjoy later. All you need is a Go Pro camera and editing GoPro videos so that you can make the professional videos of your vacations. Go Pro is a light camera with lots of newer features and strong specifications which every professional need. Besides, you will be happy to know that this camera is easy to deal with. It is literally not difficult to use GoPro. All the features are available and you do not have to fall into the confusing settings. Furthermore, it has impressive image quality and it is so easy to use even for the noob who does not have any idea about how to use cameras. Here are some tips you will need to know before making videos.

1 | Try all of the camera features

A dry video without any feature will stay boring, and it will not add life to the video. The features are solely made to make the video more beautiful and attractive. And to use those features it is very much important that you try all of the features at least once. There are different features like time-lapse slow motion, panorama, and black and white videos. The shady videos, with shade or filter on them, enhance the video quality and make it look professional.

2 | Always plan your video before making it

Your summer is going good, however, is it going. But here is one thing, if you have planned your video and you are doing a planned session than it will look better than the random ones. Random videos are quite good but at some point, they become a mess and you may end up with a broken story. You may break the rhyme of the video and the video will not be as attractive as it would be if it was planned. A planning session before making the video can help you organize the pattern of the video in your mind. Once you have organised it in your mind then it will be a lot easier for you to make most out of your video. 

3| Make a story in your video

Keep your videos in the form of a story. The rhythm of a story can take your video a beautiful turn. You can make it thrilling or full of curiosity which can generate the viewer’s interest in your video. Besides, following a story and doing according to it can make it much fun for your family. A video in chunks and without any story or flow has no value and nobody likes to watch them later. 

4| Pick the perfect soundtrack

If you are not recording the voices of your family then it is better that you pick the perfect soundtrack for the video. There are different tracks for different kinds of video like rock, jazz, pop, funny, or animated tones. They actually enhance the message depiction of the video clear. You can also make a custom soundtrack of your family. Just sit together and sing a song with your family about each other or life or anything, and it can be used as a soundtrack for your vacation videos.

5| Gimbal: a must use the device for smooth videos

I personally prefer gimbal as they made the most smooth videos. It does not matter if you are jumping or walking smoothly, your video will be smooth as butter. Gimbals actually restrict the shaky video and make steady videos made by a handheld camera. Gimbal uses gyroscope to make perfectly smooth and steady videos. Besides, you can also try their feature which supports smooth camera tilting.

6| Take full advantage of Golden Hour

Golden hour is the favourite time of all the photographers and video makers. It is the time when the sun shows its beautiful shades, somewhere during sunrise and sunset. Take full advantage of the golden hour as the photos and videos at that time look so kind and beautiful. It is preferable that you end or start your video from golden hour, it will add a cinematic serene to the video.

7| Use a drone to get full coverage of the view

In this era, drones are available everywhere in ranging prices and features. With the help of a drone, you can capture the whole view and video from different angles without moving from your place. You can capture the venue from above as a whole and from different sides. Drones are quite famous now, with every passing day, they are getting advanced. If you have planned a vacation in some area with lots of natural beauty then you must take the drone with you. The drone can help you capture the landscape beautifully. 

8| Always edit your vacation videos

Sometimes you may think that the video which you have made is quite perfect and does not need editing. But once you put it into software and start editing you will know how much better it looks with editing. The shades you add, color combinations, animations, and transitions can make your video look way better. Sometimes, you may have two or three or more parts of the video but when you combine them together they look far better than how they looked before. This is why it is advised to edit your videos after making them, add some text and add some music to make it look perfect. So when years ago when you look back at that video, all the memories flashback in front of your eyes.

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