We have all been there, on our way to a new exciting destination, but before getting there we must endure long, painful and cramped flights. Twisting and turning in fixed seats not designed for comfort, for hours on end, struggling to find a pleasant resting position. Some of us will try getting comfortable by resting  with our legs on the seat back in front of us, the arm rest or even stretching into the aisle (at the risk of being run over by a drinks cart….yikes!). 

It’s time to revolutionise the way we travel economy class! HÄNGAR Travel has recently introduced the newest travel gadget. A portable travel footrest, that gives you the opportunity to upgrade your travel experience on every journey.

The footrest works as a hammock for your feet and enables you to get into a more comfortable seated position on long flights and trips.

The footrest is used by placing the adjustable strap on the seat back in front of you while resting the feet on the padded bottom. 

HÄNGAR is designed with the purpose of enhancing travel comfort by allowing you to change your seated position. It gives you the ability to elevate your legs when your lower back and legs ache during extended periods of fixed seating.  The footrest has other potential health benefits like improving blood circulation, preventing restless legs, reducing stress on the back, knees and ankles. The footrest is suitable for trains, cars or any other form of seated transportation.


HÄNGAR is made by travellers, for travellers. 

The travel footrest was designed by Janni Hjorth, a Toronto-based entrepreneur and former flight attendant who came up with the concept while flying from Miami to Copenhagen in 2016. After developing the first prototype she co-founded HÄNGAR Travel and run a Kickstarter campaign that successfully raised funding for the company’s first production run.



Production of the first series of HÄNGAR’s has started and shipping will begin in May 2018. You have the chance to be among the first to fly with a HÄNGAR, check out the pre-sale https://www.hangartravel.com/

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