Conbini | The Japanese Convenience Store


The Japanese convince stores, known as Conbini, are much more that a repository of junk food and cheap buzzes.

There you can find everything, from soba and sushi, medicine and manga, single-malt whisky and next day hangover cures. I miss them, a lot! I loved walking in them and spend time looking around, checking out what they had…

Here are my 4 favourite buys that I miss the most!


1 | Oden

Oden dominates the contain landscape… The Japanese go crazy for it specially in winter. Eggs simmered gently in dash, vegetables, tofu and meat! YUMMY!


2 | Yogashi

My favourite late night binge. They area  pillow soft and lightly sweetened western style desert

yogashi japan

3 | Karaage

Chicken is a standout in any conbini, Spicy nuggets, patties, thighs and drumsticks – they are salty, unreasonably juicy, and as delicious cold as it it hot.


4 | Iced Coffee

It tends to be super sweet, so I always look for ones with ‘double’ or ‘espresso’ in the name, or I custom blend my own hot or cold caffeine fix with the slick coffee machines that can be found in the bigger conbini.

iced coffee


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