It takes asking the question “why not?” and starting the engine before finding a rational answer. Sure, life lived on a whim is one wrought with uncertainty, but it’s also one where road trips take you further than the next town and friends aren’t just the people you sat next to in school.

When was the last time you unfolded a road map?

Sometimes a single word is enough to inspire action. For me, ‘Cairns’ did the trick. This place always has captured my imagination and makes me daydream about its beaches and oversized coconuts.

tropical queenslandThe beauty around Tropical Queensland is borderline absurd, with pacific blues, forested vistas and abundant wildlife. Here, you will wake up early and find adventure everywhere while the sun is shining. You will feel exhausted, salt soaked and sun kissed by the end of each day. The water is transparent to its coral depths, with tides as extreme as the pina coladas are fresh.

Exploring Tropical Queensland is easy. White sand, check. Palm trees, checked. Sun enthusiasts, check. Blow your mind coral, check. A slice of paradise.

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    Camille Brown Reply 19/05/2016 at 9:17 PM

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