Change Your Perspective – Revisit Place That You Know Well



Have you ever noticed new things when you change to being a passenger on a drive?

We recently took our kayak up to the Sunshine Coast and got to see it all from a whole new perspective. Paul lived there and some of his family live up there so it is a spot we know well but it was really cool to go out on the water and look back to the land, passing beautiful places under bridges rather than over them, floating past beautiful wetlands rather than walking through. It got me thinking about how amazing it is to be able to travel in this part of the world and the importance of an open mind.
We are really enjoying getting out on the water on a different craft to our boards and it is so nice to head upstream instead into the beach. There are a whole set of new options to places we thought we knew so well and our kayak has been a treat to paddle. I will have to write up a review on this and let you know more soon!


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