We changed our plans… We were thinking on going to Noosa but we never got there.. we stopped first in Caloundra (the best spot for kite surf!!!) and after in Maroochydore.. All these places are in the Sunshine Coast.. but my favourite place is Cotton Tree Beach.. no doubt about it!! if one day we move to the Sunny Coast I will want to live there.. it a small community, and the place is magical, beautiful ocean with good waves and a terrific landscape.. people very friendly and calm! yes this is my place.. from the beach you can see Goat Island famous for its reef breaks,, and as Paul told me you can’t say that you have surfed in the Sunny Coast if you never surfed at Goat Island.. The think is.. to get there you need to paddle and apart from the massive distance, the water is full of sharks, stingrays, and all the other friendly animals that you don’t want to know about it… as you can imagine I did’t paddle out there.. Paul did !!!! (good news… He is alive still!!!!)
Besides that was just another great day in this side of the world!!


  1. Comment by Andreia

    Andreia Reply 19/05/2011 at 11:17 AM

    Love your blog, Sofia!!! Inspiring!!!! 🙂

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