7 Tips For Travelling While Pregnant

So far, I have had a healthy pregnancy. The main thing that has affected the way I travel has been tiredness. I cannot even  explain how tiring pregnancy can be, particularly in the first trimester. The only thing I can think of is maybe the feeling of been partying for 4 days straight – you’re so exhausted you […]

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Glowing Experience – Springbrook National Park

Bush walk all day, then wait for dark to bush walk again. This is the way to finish the year with an illuminated experience – finding glow worms.While walking down to the Natural Bridge cave can feel a little Blair Witch, having a torch in our pockets made the feeling a bit softer.  We tried not to use our […]

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Bitting The Dust – Warwick Rodeo

In Queensland’s city of roses, there’s an annual battle going on, far from Warwick’s manicured main street of blooms. The annual rodeo brings together bullriders and campdrafters from across Australia, each with an unwavering will to win as they line up for their turn in the ring. Up to 30,000 people buckle up for a […]

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Because childhood memories last…

What are your most profound childhood memories? As I think  about my childhood the first things that come to my mind is trekking in the Swiss Alps with my parents and sleeping inside our 4X4 while roadtriping along the European mountains during the holidays. I was always very lucky (I think anyway!) that my parent […]

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Stargazing in Sydney

    The walk up through The Rocks to Sydney Observatory just before 8 pm is quiet. Almost everything is closed, a bus taking ghost tours and I am walking alone (and a bit nervous!) but as soon as I saw fairy lights glitter in the trees along Argyle st. I knew this was going […]

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“Turtles are wild animals and therefore we can’t guarantee that you can see them.. the last turtles that we saw came 3 days ago…Our rangers are on the beach at the moment trying to see if they can spot any.. but we can’t guarantee..” So we found ourselves in group number one, the first of the evening to […]

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