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casa do penedo

Casa do Penedo: A Stone Age House in Portugal

What looks like left-over boulders from the Stone Age is actually a house on a remote hillside in Northern Portugal. Casa do Penedo or the ‘House of Stone’, is a particularly odd house stands proudly at the top totally blending  into the surrounding area. If it weren’t  for  the doors, windows and roof, one could never have […]

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Why Travel Will Look Good On Your CV

So many time I hear about people who would love to travel more but are concerned about the impact that taking an extended trip might have on their careers.  Quitting your job and doing a Gap Year can leave you quite nervous on how travelling the world can be classified as “experience.” Breathe, businesses need experienced […]

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quick guide to nazare

Quick Guide To Nazaré, Portugal

 In this fabulous fishing town, and trending surfing hangout of Nazare the ambience is timeless, traditions continue to thrive and where a sense of contentment abounds. . Two hours north of Lisbon on the Atlantic Coast, this is not a town of architectural grandeur or revered monuments, instead the mosticonic aspect of Nazare are the cherrily-painted […]

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A Guide to Lake Macquarie’s secret sanctuaries in Australia

  Just 90 minutes from Sydney, Lake Macquarie may be renowned for its picturesque lake and spectacular coastline, but it’s also home to a raft of not so well-known treasures loved by the locals. Here’s your guide to 8 perfect places you won’t find on the tourist trail:   Petrified Forest, Swansea Heads Accessible at […]

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Campsites That Will Rejuvenate Your Soul

Camping and fresh food are two of life’s most prized treats. Being in nature slows the pace of racing thoughts while rejuvenating your soul with fresh air and greenery. After winners have checked their Powerball lotto results and discovered they’ve won big, you’d be surprised how many of them choose the great outdoors as their […]

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