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apiturism slovenia

Travel Trend | Apiturism in Slovenia

It’s no secret that our dwindling honeybee colonies have hit crisis point. Since the 1940s, the USA has lost 50 per cent of its bees. Last year the UK also reported that its bee deficit was so serious, crop pollination had plummeted to the second lowest in Europe, which has serious implications for our future food sources. But […]

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How to Make a Simple Birthday Celebration Memorable

Birthday traditions are passed down to us by our parents, and they are always a real delight for kids. With these one or two little touches to your child’s simple birthday celebration, you will be able to really set the day apart and make it memorable.  These birthday traditions don’t ever have to be expensive […]

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party around the world

The Top Party Destinations Around The Globe

If your idea of a good time involves partying till the early hours, then you are spoilt for choice for lively party towns around the world. With so much choice, it can be hard to know where to go and often people will stick to what they know. While this should guarantee a good trip, […]

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my travel shoes

The Best Footwear to Pack for Travel

One of the most important items on the packing list for your next adventure is your shoes. You’ll inevitably do a good bit of walking, so long-term comfort and durability are essential. It’s also important to consider the versatility of your shoes. Will you be spending all that money to only be able to wear […]

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Is Prague the Ultimate European Travel Destination?

Is Prague the Ultimate European Travel Destination?

Other parts of the world might find this information with great envy and doubt but Europe is arguably the continent with the greatest cultural heritage that many parts of the world tried to mimic to great extent. Central Europe, in particular, is stacked with such abundance of historical sites that it can barely stomach. Here […]

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Traveling by RV

Introduction to Traveling by RV

There are so many incredible opportunities and memories to be made while traveling by RV. Making new friends, experiencing different cultures, and exploring new places are just some of the reasons why this lifestyle has grown in popularity. Life on the road can be full of challenges as well so here are a few helpful […]

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