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Is Prague the Ultimate European Travel Destination?

Is Prague the Ultimate European Travel Destination?

Other parts of the world might find this information with great envy and doubt but Europe is arguably the continent with the greatest cultural heritage that many parts of the world tried to mimic to great extent. Central Europe, in particular, is stacked with such abundance of historical sites that it can barely stomach. Here […]

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Handy tips for pet sitters

How house sitting gets you to travel for free

A couple of nights stay and puppy time for free? YES, please! That my friends are what house sitting gets you! I was only exposed to the term ‘house sitting’ when I was travelling in South Africa back in 2006. I started to meet all these people who were house and pet sitting. I thought […]

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Movie Night Out at Astor Theatre

Top 10 Romantic Things to do in Melbourne

Maybe you have just wedded and Melbourne is your honeymoon destination. Or maybe you simply want to go out and have fun with your soulmate. Besides fine dining in Melbourne, there is a lot of romantic things which you can do at this infamous Australian city. Here is a list of the most interesting things […]

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Dharamshala Travel Guide

Dharamshala is a wonderful, peaceful part of India that is nestled among the Himalayans. This is where the Dalai Lama calls home as well as many other Tibetans that had to flee from their home country. There is a sense of diversity here because below you have the Indian community; in the upper part of […]

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the cruise handbook

Armchair Traveller | The Cruise Handbook

I am probably the most sceptical person about travelling on cruises. I love boats – especially sailing boats and I could easily travel around on a sailing boat, but there’s something about cruises that i just don’t fancy! But with a few family members totally addicted to this way of travelling, who am I to […]

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Managing Your Home When You Are Away: 5 Tips

If you are away from your home for long periods of time, you must consider what options you have for managing it. Most importantly, do you have plants that need to be watered? What about a pet such as a fish or a dog? For the latter, you should leave your animal with a friend […]

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