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new zealand

New Zealand Is The Cure For Everyone Diagnosed With Wanderlust

The Last Samurai; Avatar; Tintin; District 9; Zorro; Mad Max Thunderdome; Chronicles Of Narnia; King Kong; The Hobbit; Lord Of The Rings; and, weirdly enough, Australia. There is a reason why Hollywood seems to use the New Zealand landscape as its default backdrop and that is because it is absolutely, mind-blowingly, breath-snatchingly beautiful. Seriously, this […]

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australia for the first time

What Every First-Time Tourist To Australia Needs To Know

If you’re thinking about visiting Australia for the first time, there are a few things we would like you to know. Many tourists make mistakes when setting foot in this wonderful country, but by considering the following, you are unlikely to do the same. 1 | Know that Australia is huge In fact, Australia is […]

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ABVP | The Beginning of a New Travel Bloggers Association

Today a new journey has started.  ABVP – Associação de Bloggers de Viagem Portugueses (Portuguese Travel Bloggers Association) is born. It all started when a bunch of Portuguese travel bloggers based all around the world, agreeing to share their desire, passion and commitment to continue improving their blog and reach a larger community of interested […]

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freelance while you travel

Freelancing While Traveling | 5 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Go

One of the main perks of being a freelance worker is that you are free to travel whenever you like, as you can take your work with you. Freelancing while traveling becomes a lot easier when you can work remotely from any location.  However, there a few things you should consider before you go away […]

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go your own way

Armchair Traveller | Go Your Own Way

You can do anything. Sure you can do this. Travel alone can be your thing! Some travellers decide to go solo for educational purposes, pure personal transformation or just like me sometimes, pure necessity – you simply don’t know anyone keen to join you on your next adventure.  You might have finished university , quit […]

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explore england

A Guide to Exploring England

For a relatively small country, England is hard to define. It boasts some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world but is also home to cosmopolitan cities like London, Manchester, and Liverpool. When you add in the years and years of history, cultural heritage and influences from other nations, the result is a nation […]

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