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Packing tips to any type of travel experience. What to pack according to countries, travel types and season. How to pack to reduce volume and save weight


I am packing for a 5 week holiday around Portugal and hopefully Spain. I hate packing and unpacking! I really don’t enjoy the process at all… More than just being something boring I find packing winter clothes in the middle of Australian summer not an easy task. So over the  years I have been trying to […]

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Getting lots of email about my camping gear… so here it goes… Inside my backpack I have only things that we will really need.. i really don’t understand those people that need to pack all their stuff to go camping..and that’s the beauty of camping.. if you forget something that we really need you just […]

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7 Tips To Quickly Pack For Australia

1. CLOTHES T-shirts, shorts, and a sun hat of some sort, will probably be your staple wardrobe. If you come during winter (June to August) it’s worth taking a couple of warmer things, and a waterproof jacket.You’ll also need longer trousers/skirts/tops if you want to visit churches or go out at night. 2. SHOES Walking […]

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