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Packing tips to any type of travel experience. What to pack according to countries, travel types and season. How to pack to reduce volume and save weight

4 Tips For Packing Like A Pro

Packing is perhaps the hardest part of any upcoming trip. You need to have the right clothes for the weather at your arrival destination, and you need to have space in your baggage for other items such as a medical kit, a towel, books and travel documents. The most important part of packing is, of […]

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Bare Essentials Packing Guide For Dubai

  Dubai is a luxury destination for an overseas trip, but if you have the money to go exploring, it can be a beautiful place to visit. It is an Islamic country, so be prepared to follow the appropriate customs. This might mean packing slightly differently to the way you would if you were travelling […]

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Packing Guide for Your Overseas Business Trip

Packing for a business trip can be overwhelming at times. Do you pack only for meetings, or do you also pack for casual activities? Packing for an overseas trip can be tricky when you are unsure of what to expect. Keeping your wardrobe pressed and neat in your luggage can add an extra hassle. Here […]

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Essential Packing For Overnight Kayaking

At some point you will start wondering why paddling needs to be just for an afternoon and you begin thinking why not paddle then camp. Planning an overnight kayak trip involves research, conversation, and packing. Ensuring you are properly packed (i.e. read minimal/light) before you leave is crucial. Protect all your gear from the elements. […]

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Top Insider Travelling Tips

For those of you with an adventurous side like us, then you will want to travel and experience the world, before settling into the real world. If you do everything correctly, then touring the world will turn out to be better than you ever imagined, but for most people, it’s their first time on the […]

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I am packing for a 5 week holiday around Portugal and hopefully Spain. I hate packing and unpacking! I really don’t enjoy the process at all… More than just being something boring I find packing winter clothes in the middle of Australian summer not an easy task. So over the  years I have been trying to […]

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