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dubai mall 2

Some Things You Can Only See In Dubai

Fact, fiction, fun, or something else? To find out for yourself what all the fuss is about and discern the truth from the clichés, head to Dubai. For starters, Dubai is nothing like Las Vegas. There are no colossal neon-lit signs, no impersonator shows, no showgirls, and certainly no casinos. Dubai has a futuristic appeal […]

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Enjoy Sumptuous Steaks in Brisbane

  Settled by the side of the Brisbane River, Brisbane is a wonderful city, to say the least. It consists of endless opportunities for fun and adventure. It finds a place in every traveller’s must-visit list for its ineffable beauty and outstanding food. From scenic spots to foodie hangouts, the city has it all. Brisbane […]

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Sunset Chaser

What goes up must come down. The sun may set every day, but no two sunsets are ever the same. From firey displays of gold and red to the pastel beauty of violet and blue, Mother Nature knows how to finish the day with a bang. You can take in the sunset in a variety of […]

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casa do penedo

Casa do Penedo: A Stone Age House in Portugal

What looks like left-over boulders from the Stone Age is actually a house on a remote hillside in Northern Portugal. Casa do Penedo or the ‘House of Stone’, is a particularly odd house stands proudly at the top totally blending  into the surrounding area. If it weren’t  for  the doors, windows and roof, one could never have […]

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Livraria Lello – 110 Years of History

 Porto isn’t short of independent retailers, making it a joy for shoppers. There are lots of emporiums, markets and boutiques where you can pick up anything from handmade souvenirs and classic tomes to local cheeses and vintage ports. Livraria Lello is probably the most famous shop in Porto. The debate over the most beautiful bookstore continues, […]

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quick guide to nazare

Quick Guide To Nazaré, Portugal

 In this fabulous fishing town, and trending surfing hangout of Nazare the ambience is timeless, traditions continue to thrive and where a sense of contentment abounds. . Two hours north of Lisbon on the Atlantic Coast, this is not a town of architectural grandeur or revered monuments, instead the mosticonic aspect of Nazare are the cherrily-painted […]

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