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Sweet Belem

Sweet Belem in Sydney I left Sydney but the taste of the custard tarts is still with me… ahhh Sweet Belem… A must for fans of small delicacies, just like me… Sweet Belem makes the famous and absolutely delicious (to die for!!!!) Portuguese Custard Tarts on their premises..     You can even smell it. So […]

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Love is a Big Adventure

Love, is my reason to be in Australia. No sensible person would do this. Resign from a good job, rent out your new home, pack up my backpack and bid farewell to brilliant family and friends and move to a continent that I had never set foot in before. Nonsense.  But, in a remarkable reversal of […]

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The Invisible String

I live in a country where green grasses ripple and mountains rise. Where blue oceans curl and red deserts swirls. I love Australia when summer stars flicker and the warm sun comes down, but when the autumn leaves flame my invisible string stretches…. and stretches even more and I wonder if can reach the other side of the […]

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Dear Minister

Dear Minister, Would now be the time to have a permanent or even temporary visa for me to stay in this beautiful country? I have been travelling and working for the last 3 years and few months and today was the day that we drove around 1400 km to visit the capital of Australia- Canberra… […]

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Living On The Coast

What is it about the beach? Why is the picture of a sandy trail of footsteps up a flight of stairs and a wet beach towel flung over a wooden balustrade move us more than a sight of a slick city penthouse? There is nothing closer to our hearts than the notion of the great […]

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Who doesn’t like fairy lights? Who doesn’t like fairy lights hanging on a big fig tree? This the main street of Kingscliff- our home. I love going past this tree, whether it be at the end of a day travelling past here on my way home or riding my skateboard down the road, along the […]

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