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  Island vacations with family provide a very happy feeling. In addition to solitude, islands feature many water- and beach-related attractions, which are also highly prized by vacationers. Every Island has its own beauty and a lot of things to do. PICNIC Picnic with the family and friends to nearby beach will be very enjoyable. […]

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Moving Sucks: A Moving Survival Guide for Pessimists

In only a few situations will an optimist agree with a pessimist.. and moving is inarguably one of those situations. Moving sucks. Moving (like hangovers, rejection) is a glass-half-empty experience, always. Sure, perhaps it’s an opportunity to declutter and downsize your belongings. Packing, moving and unpacking may burn calories as cardio exercise (bonus if you’re […]

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Write More Letters

Letter writing composes my soul like nothing else. Not email; I mean the kind of letters you put inside an envelope and hand over to the nice man at the post office a piece of your heart. One of my dearest possessions at the moment is a sealing wax kit. You know the kind: you light the candle […]

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5 Tools to Keep in Touch with Family While You Travel

Staying in touch with your family while traveling is easy and accessible with the advent of technology. Even if you are in the middle of nowhere or on an extended business trip, there are tools that will permit you to make a phone call or text your loved ones. Technology varies but updating family no […]

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It’s About To End…

  It is about to end. Over the past years I have been working and studying full time, while travelling and keeping my curiosity alive for this beautiful country down under. In between this, different side projects have come along which has made Life pretty full on. With only 2 weeks left to complete my […]

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How To Get 2 Trips In One – The Stopover Secret

You might think connecting sucks but it sure saves you a good chunk of money doing it. Consider the pros, forget the cons and enjoy a second holiday place for free! When flying internationally, most airlines have to stop somewhere en route to the final destination. This could mean a layover of an hour or […]

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