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Get Lost in the Wilderness

Inland from the lights of the gold coast you’ ll find areas almost untouched of subtropical rainforest. Eucalyptus forest clings to the hillside round the gorges and falls, such as witches falls and cedar creek falls. The walking trails to the latter, and to Cameron falls have spectacular look outs. The McPherson range has plenty to offer. Alas, bush turkeys […]

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I lie watching the ever-changing scene in front of me, completly absorbed in the sorroundings.. I am in the deep woods, lying on the ground staring into the heart of a fire. And this is not just any old fire: it is my very own fire. Made by striking flint against steel, built on a […]

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Cold night with a warm fire- how nice! We scored a free camping spot near Roma and I was over the moon to find out that we could make a fire.. I had just realized that I forgot our stove ( bad option when you are going to camp for a week!!) Roma is a […]

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After big Big swell on the coast, the sea is quiet… However it’s winter time and the warm days are still around (this is a real slice of heaven!) We are enjoying big walks along the beach and well the new entertainment lately has been around making huts on the beach!!  it’ not an easy […]

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You know. I love camping! I just love it! I do it pretty basic though … We have a 2man tent, sleeping bags and a fire.. No, not even mats.. Knife and torch, not much else… But these guys are simply obsessed with camping! Australians just go mad about it! We are thinking on upgrading […]

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    There’s no lighter. There’s no stove. We’re camped in a empty forest in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. I looked through all our food… It seems that bananas and bread will be our menu for the next 3 days with red wine (hmm guess doesn’t sound bad!) We pitched the tent in […]

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