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A Walk on the Wildside

Narawntapu National Park. With no ideas where to sleep I scanned quickly the map and saw this green patch and thought what a curious name… What a great option. We arrived with our tummys rumbling for some food, we looked for a spot to park and eat with a view. . Walking on a path […]

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Meeting the Locals

Tassie – The Natural State and they are dam right! About one quater of Tasmania is given to national parks and reserves and let me tell you this place is Jam-packed with wild-life, We have been meeting the locals since day one and with a shy start now we are totally amognst them. At dusk […]

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Dismal if You’re Not a Dare Devil

Paul was keen. Really keen. I could think of many other things that would have been better. Much better… When traveling through the Tarkine forest area, there is a stop you can make to a sink hole, where water naturally drains out of what would would be a swamp. This forest area is famous for […]

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Still on Fire – Bay of Fires

I’m still on fire with this place. This is truly an exquisite slice of paradise. I still can’t believe that someone isn’t trying to profit from Bay of Fires sudden vogue. It seems just remarkable (shhhhh… Let’s not put too much out there). There’s a small swell that comes out of the deep water, hits […]

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Purling Brook Falls

The track leads you around the top of the escarpment, crossing a wooden bridge over a small rocky creek, descending into a valley with thick rainforest. You will stop. You need to. In front of you there is Purling Brook Falls, plunging more than 100m into the valley. It’s definitely spectacular. The view is impressive from every angle, and […]

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Get Lost in the Wilderness

Inland from the lights of the gold coast you’ ll find areas almost untouched of subtropical rainforest. Eucalyptus forest clings to the hillside round the gorges and falls, such as witches falls and cedar creek falls. The walking trails to the latter, and to Cameron falls have spectacular look outs. The McPherson range has plenty to offer. Alas, bush turkeys […]

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