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The Lonely Beach – Maintland Bay

Sydney beaches are usually packed to the brim. 95 Km from Sydney, the central coast has pockets of peace and quiet that sits nicely in the category of “paradise”. The Bouddi national park is a spectacular coastal reserve with cliff top walks, pristine beaches and some of them without a soul. By far one of […]

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What Else Could We Do In The Whitsundays

In the calm waters of the coral sea, framed by a backdrop of soft hills, and with yachts gracing the aqua blue oceans lays a little town – Airlie Beach. And this is where we were, getting ready to launch into one of the Whitsunday’s islands. What could be better than travelling in these waters from […]

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For the Love of Kombis

It seems that the love of kombis is as contagious as any disease without immunisation or cure. Once you catch ‘the bug’ the victim is left helplessly in love, craving to own their own rusty brick-shaped symbol of freedom, regardless of how limited their mechanical knowledge is.I wonder when this love affair began and why do […]

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Top 5 Camping Spots in Queensland | Australia

One of very best things about owning a 4WD is how easy it is to go camping. Owning a 4WD can really improve your lifestyle; just pick your destination; research your route and be aware of any 4WD challenges it presents; plan what to take; pack up your all your equipment and toss it in the back; give the 4WD […]

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No Matter What

Bonds you create with people in the wild is a great thing to seek in life. I always find that mountains allow you  to experience a shared bond that is hard to find in normal life – so after weeks of no nature, we were committed, no matter what, to go camping. Even with wild […]

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Slithering Snake

The challenge sounded like a pretty bad idea. In reality I was not convinced at all. There was a bunch of adventurous  (read: crazy) people holding a black head python, and somehow I was talked into it. This wouldn’t be my first encounter with these magnificent creatures. After all we walk on the same ground, sharing the wide landscapes and the […]

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