Black Swell – Hercules

They say it’s a storm of titanic portions. It’s name is Hercules and it geared up massive swell on the Portuguese coast. The black fetch on the graphs moved wide, fast and furious- something like I’ve never seen before. Watching the weather graph moving over our coastline has been a bit of a distraction for me during the […]

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And This is Christmas

LET’S BE HONEST: Christmas was way better when you were a kid. You could eat all the food, play all day, you hadn’t yet learned to resent your family, and the thousands of gifts waiting for you. Oh…and SANTA. Then you grow up and you need to help with the cooking, organise the house, wrap all […]

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Madly in Love with Portugal

ahh Lisboa I usually write about Australia. Not this time. I am about to tell you about a forgotten love, that recently urged in me. I am madly in love with Europe’s western most and sunniest capital – Portugal. I know it can been seen as a bit biased being my own country, but since […]

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