Why Travel Will Look Good On Your CV

So many time I hear about people who would love to travel more but are concerned about the impact that taking an extended trip might have on their careers.  Quitting your job and doing a Gap Year can leave you quite nervous on how travelling the world can be classified as “experience.” Breathe, businesses need experienced […]

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Lifestyle of a Digital Nomad | Work and Travel Don’t Have To Be Mutually Exclusive

Dan Robinson is an emerging photographer and director focused in travel, lifestyle, and non-profit organization projects. He currently splits his time living between Nicaragua and the United States, producing photo and video content for various projects, organizations, and brands. My curiosity on the lifestyle of a digital nomad led me to ask him if he […]

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A Place To Write

You know what I love about blogging? You can do it pretty much  anywhere. And the beauty is if you’re traveling, the content gets better and more exciting/interesting/colourful when you are away from the usual home environment. The mood to blog can hit you anywhere, at any time. You may think as you run through the […]

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