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Cambodia’s Must Do and See

  Cambodia has an amazing, vibrant, unavoidable soul and it rubs off on every person that visits this beautiful country. Whether you are staying for a couple of weeks or passing through, there are a couple of sites that you must see. Before you head to Cambodia, make sure you have: A visa. Most visitors […]

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How To Visit The Great Wall Of China Crowd Free

The great wall snakes its way across northern china for over 20, ooo Km. Its most popular sections are perfectly restored, easy accessible and often crowded to the point of madness. If you are near Beijing, you have to expect busy. After all, it is China, but there are some places that don’t involve anywhere […]

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Everybody Loves a Good Party

No matter where you go around the globe, everybody loves a good party. Festivals are a living museum of cultures and traditions in an increasingly globalised world. There is no better place for travellers to understand a country than an event where it proudly celebrates its individuality, whether through music, camel races or monumental food fights. Being at festivals is […]

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Are you ready?!? here is the soooo wanted ig news… ready?!?!? Paul and I are…. Going to China!!!!! yes we are!! I know I have been there in 2003 (sorry can’t quite remember dates) but I travelled mainly on the east coast.. Paul have never been there.. but this time we are goin to Xinjiang […]

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Location : Kuala Lumpur Duration: 6 hours It was Paul’s first time here so we made our way to the city. We decided due to the rainy wecather to miss the petronas towers and head for somewhere different. I thought we would go to China Town area but Paul decided at the last moment to […]

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