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The A-Ma Temple

A Few Things You Have To See In Macau

The South of China is a fascinating place full of unique destinations, and Macau is one such destination you should make it a point to visit at some point. It’s a little bit of a difficult place to define – technically an “autonomous region,” somewhere between a large city and a small city-state and located […]

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travel hong kong

What Makes Hong Kong the Top Travel Destination in the World?

Asia is ranked the leading tourist continent destination with Hong Kong being the top-ranked city destination in the world nine years in a row. This is due to the strategic positioning of Hong Kong and its successful relationship with the mainland. However, this may be short-lived with the strained relationships caused by tensions between its […]

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Vietnam visa for Australians

When I first went to Vietnam, 15 years ago, getting a visa was pretty straight forward – you would line up at the airport, fill in couple of forms , and wait for your passport to get stamped. Things have change slightly since then. For most people, a visa is needed, exceptions to this rule […]

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southeast asia gap year

How To Prepare For A Gap Year In Southeast Asia

Planning an entire gap year can seem like a really intimidating task that will take a lot of time and effort. Regardless of the type of trip you want to take and how long you plan to travel for, break it down into small sections so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Read as many travel blogs […]

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The Philippines Wonder

The Philippines Wonder

In a world that seems to be getting smaller, it’s difficult to find a place that’s not already trending with tourists or, worse, gap-year students. So, when the Philippines came calling, I was instantly intrigued by the famed archipelago which boasts 7,000 isles south-east of Asia’s mainland. Why? Because it’s the road less travelled. Now […]

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trans siberian

Places To Explore When Taking The Trans-Mongolian Railway Route

Exploring the country sides of Russia through China is an exciting and thrilling journey as many have experienced going by train. The destinations to go through the short stopovers will give travellers an opportunity to explore certain highlights of the countryside. Traveling through various mountains, the cities, and the towns will give you a sense […]

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