The A-Ma Temple

A Few Things You Have To See In Macau

The South of China is a fascinating place full of unique destinations, and Macau is one such destination you should make it a point to visit at some point. It’s a little bit of a difficult place to define – technically an “autonomous region,” somewhere between a large city and a small city-state and located […]

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What Makes Hong Kong the Top Travel Destination in the World?

Asia is ranked the leading tourist continent destination with Hong Kong being the top-ranked city destination in the world nine years in a row. This is due to the strategic positioning of Hong Kong and its successful relationship with the mainland. However, this may be short-lived with the strained relationships caused by tensions between its […]

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Sights To See in China Before The Year Ends 

  There are plenty of perks to travelling during Christmas season. Not only do you get fewer travellers but you experience China’s most stunning sceneries in a completely different way. Each season brings its own delights and if you pack wisely, China offers some of the curious travellers a feast for the eyes, mind and […]

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How To Visit The Great Wall Of China Crowd Free

The great wall snakes its way across northern china for over 20, ooo Km. Its most popular sections are perfectly restored, easy accessible and often crowded to the point of madness. If you are near Beijing, you have to expect busy. After all, it is China, but there are some places that don’t involve anywhere […]

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