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Apartment Tour | Edmonton, Canada

  We had a long haul flight from Australia. What seemed a blessing, felt like a curse 10 hours in on a 14 hour straight flight… I had tried to entertain Noah with every trick I could muster and thought he was used to sleeping in planes after his previous naps through turbulent storms, however, […]

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canada landscape

Wild At Heart | Canada

The Canadian Rockies are wild in every sense of the word. Its landscape covers an expansive region of rugged backcountry trails and mountainous terrain juxtaposed against fragile protected ecosystems as well as the world-renowned Columbia Icefield. The Rockies elevation range, geology, geography, and climate serve as a safe habitat for a variety of species. Its one of the world’s […]

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Romance In Mexico City

You’ve booked the ultimate trip for you and your honey to Mexico City. Now it’s about planning the details. Take it from me, here are some of the highlights of the city and the most romantic hot spots you won’t want to miss.   Getting There Sometimes the least romantic part of the trip is […]

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One of the best bars in Toronto, D.W. Alexander

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in Toronto or if you are one of the many inhabitants of this city. One thing holds true, no matter how much time you spent in this place, you probably didn’t have the opportunity to see everything that Toronto has to offer. This is one of the […]

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Everybody Loves a Good Party

No matter where you go around the globe, everybody loves a good party. Festivals are a living museum of cultures and traditions in an increasingly globalised world. There is no better place for travellers to understand a country than an event where it proudly celebrates its individuality, whether through music, camel races or monumental food fights. Being at festivals is […]

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