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Bruny Island

The scenery is magical. We definitely can handle peace and quiet aligned with countless swimming and surfing beaches and an abundance of wild life. We are going to stay a few days for sure! With a short ferry ride, we landed at this 70 km long island- Bruny Island! Never heard of Bruny before so […]

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End of the Road

Fed basically on salmon, apples and berries, we headed towards the southeast of Tassie (as its affectionately known), we drove through green, hilly countryside and as we love, snacking from roadside produce “stores”- this is our fast food on the island! Simply grab some fresh fruit, drop some coins in the box and off we […]

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Heading toward Antarctica?

I had a couple of emails from my last post. There were two groups of people- Aussies complaining about the heat (mainland is having a heatwave with 40+ degrees) and those on the northern hemisphere (still a little sceptical of my story that it’s cold in Australia). We are on our way to South Cape, […]

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Paddling Into The Wild

Being in Australia I know that there’s a certain amount of wildlife to be dealt with and as we paddled into the shallow mangrove I was more worried with spiders than anything else. We saw quite a few of these but with a paddle and water all around I felt pretty safe to deal with […]

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Tree Climbing

Today after lunch I climbed a tree. The tree just next to our surf club. I randomly looked, picked the one I liked the most and climbed. I like climbing trees. Actually the deep love and connection with trees has never left me, in fact it has grown deeper over the years. It´s a little bit […]

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To the Edge of the World

In two months we will be heading to the edge of the world… We will drive Lucy along 1800 Km all the way down to Melbourne and catch a barge across to Tasmania. We will be touring around for a full month on the big island that is the very bottom of Australia. After, we […]

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