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The Edge of the World

It was just under a 100 km drive and can only be done at a very slow pace. It was a feast for our eyes. We breathed some of the world’s cleanest air, passed numerous shallow bays and broad estuaries, coves, beaches and untamed backcountry. It’s a journey through ancient lands, sculpted by the Southern […]

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Taking On The Edge – day II

We woke up after a well earned rest and with an optimistic mood for no further troubles on the road! It was an amazing night sleeping with noone nearby. We went for a walk and discovered a midden just next to our place. A midden is an area where Aboriginals used to leave behind rubbish(e.g […]

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Taking On The Edge

The edge of the world was what really got us to explore Tasmania. We wanted to travel Tasmania on the roads less travelled. We knew the Western Explorer road was the most excitingly remote journey that we could do – wrong!   There is actually “A Road to Nowhere” that leads you to the Edge […]

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Stanley – wild, remote and windswept

We were going to tame the beast, always… Not as late as it happened though! Just before dusk, there it was Stanley. Overshadowed by what is left of an ancient volcano known as The Nut, this pretty fishing village seems to combine colonial history with a modern appeal from the fresh agriculture, timber and abundant […]

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Mole Creek- blink and you’ll miss it

There is a little town in Northern Tasmania called Mole Creek. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sort of village. Yet it is a place with memories and has a splendid setting beneath the mighty Great Western Tiers. With its vineyards, rows of poppies and wooded hillsides, this region is intoxicatingly beautiful. We certainly stopped at a raspberry […]

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Wilderness Expedition

We needed to do it! There was no way i was going to stay at Bruny Island and not do the Pennicott Wilderness Expedition…   And I’m very happy to announce that I survived the day with the contents of my stomach entirely intact – after all we were about to make it to the […]

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