Casa do Penedo: A Stone Age House in Portugal


What looks like left-over boulders from the Stone Age is actually a house on a remote hillside in Northern Portugal. Casa do Penedo or the ‘House of Stone’, is a particularly odd house stands proudly at the top totally blending  into the surrounding area.
If it weren’t  for  the doors, windows and roof, one could never have guessed that this is more than a big rock

casa do penedo

The secluded stone house with an exterior that instantly associate with the Flinstones’s house was built, in 1974, from four large boulders that serve as the foundation, walls, and ceiling of the house.

casa da penedo

Built as a rural retreat, this house makes a strong architectural statement. Although the house may seem rustic, it is not lacking in amenities, which include a fireplace and a swimming pool–carved out of one of the large rocks (to die for).



With more than 40 years in existence, some people still wonder whether the Casa do Penedo is real or fake, after seeing the most spectacular pictures online. I can guarantee you that is real!

casa do penedo

The Relaxing Surroundings

Traveling to Casa do Penedo, you will discover the Portuguese countryside of peace and quiet. This is definitely not a destination for the ones searching for thrill or loud entertainment but for the ones who can appreciate nature as an ”architect”. Not only that the house of stone lies isolated giving the feel of ”middle of nowhere”; in its close proximity.


casa do penedo

How To Get There



Casa do Penedo is in the North of Portugal and can be reached easy if traveling to Fafe. The approximate distance between Fafe and Pereira (the nearest village to the place) is of 32 kilometres. By car, it will take around 40 minutes. Once you reach Pereira, you can hike or bike the extra 1,3 kilometers and be amazed with the site of the unusual. You can also drive through the dirt road all the way to the house.

casa do penedo

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