Carhood is one of my latest finds in the travelling world. And… it’s absolutely amazing and actually revolutionary!

We are about to leave Australia and head to Canada for a couple of weeks. Which means we will need to leave our car parked somewhere around the airport and leave behind a few hundred bucks…

Which of course I wasn’t happy about. Then I found Carhooda car sharing service, where you drop your car off near the airport, get a complimentary trip to the airport for free airport parking. To have this service, you sign up and rent your car while you’re away.

I couldn’t believe it! I get to park my car for free, they clean it and if someone rents out my car I get 25%!?! WHAT??

You drive your car to their warehouse near the airport, get a free shuttle  to your terminal, and get 25 per cent of the profits if your car is rented.


I know people get quite protective of their car, but by getting over that mindset, you will save a lot of money! Why not share your car?

So far the costumer service has been excepcional and I am very interested to see how my trial with carhood will go – I will do a full review and share the ins and outs of my experience once i return from Canada.

I just couldn’t wait until then to share this with you!

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