You know. I love camping! I just love it! I do it pretty basic though … We have a 2man tent, sleeping bags and a fire.. No, not even mats.. Knife and torch, not much else…
But these guys are simply obsessed with camping! Australians just go mad about it!
We are thinking on upgrading our little tent to a tent on the roof of Lucy (on top of our defender). So off we went to a camping show in Brisbane…
I took me all day to look and seriously it’s crazy- they have everything! Things that we never see in Europe..
From “normal” tents, to thousands (literally) of different caravan types, motor homes, camping trailers, roof tents, swags… Every shape, size, and for every kind of camper.. It was heaven!
I don’t know how many pictures I took. I jotted down a heap of good ideas once I got home!
If you are into camping you don’t want to miss a camping show, trust me you will be in heaven

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