Camping Alone? Remember These Things


When it comes to the idea of a holiday, there seems to be a bit of stigma surrounding the idea of going away on your own. People like to be sociable, and that often means travelling in a group of your friends and family or other travellers you’ve been paired up with; it means you’ve always got someone familiar to rely on, removes isolation associated with a language barrier, and can often be a lot safer than travelling alone.

But none of that means you can’t holiday all by yourself, and you can still have a great time as you do so! Take camping as a good example here: usually, when it comes to travelling solo, there’s a lot of tips you have to take into account for your next holiday. But when you’re camping on your own, with 12 person camping tent all to yourself and the great outdoors to explore off your own back, you’re going to need to be super strict with the information you know. So with that in mind, here are some of the best tips for those of us who want to camp out by ourselves!

Even by yourself, you could be just as relaxed as this when camping out in the great outdoors! 

Know Some First Aid (and how to navigate!)

If you’re going to be alone out there in nature, you’re going to need to know how to take care of yourself. No, you’re probably not going to have fight off any animals (unless there’s a really determined squirrel around), but you are going to have to know what to do in an emergency.

And that means knowing how to find your way, and how to bandage up any cuts or bruises you may get during the journey. Make sure your first aid kit is all packed up, have a map of the area on you at all times, research any woodlands that are nearby before you go, and take a compass along with you to track the direction you’re headed in.

Have a Reliable Campsite

If this is your first time camping out all by yourself, you’re probably going to want to head to a campsite or caravanning park that’s made for people like you. It’ll be the best way to introduce yourself to this kind of holidaying lifestyle, and you’re more likely to meet some experienced travellers who can pass on some tips and tricks to you.

So if you’re thinking of buying a tent and using it on your own, look into what’s the best caravan park near you, and what’s the most convenient place to head to that still has plenty of amenities nearby that you can reach. It’s a holiday after all, so don’t feel bad if you still have to rely on civilisation at first!

Camping alone doesn’t have to be scary, and chances are you’re an adventurous spirit if you’re simply thinking of doing it. Prove yourself! Have a good time out there; it’s a great holiday to have!

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