Most visitors come to Byron with a long list of plans for their stay in the region. Surfing is high on that list and Byron´s Main, Clarks, Wategos and Tallow beaches all offer great breaks. But besides surfing, you can also ride horse on the beach, tours to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, go dolphin and whale watching. There´s plenty to do… Most of people ends up staying more days than they thought.
Paul and I often spend our weekends in Byron, it´s a great getaway near home and there´s so much to do!
There´s noting like after a good surf session go for a stroll along the town. here you can get anything from handmade outfits,
to surfboards (ahh plenty of surfboards) furniture.. but definitely crab a drink and watch the people for a bit! everyone is so different – very trendy ones, hippies, roots, old blokes, there is such a big diversity in such a small town it´s great!
Byron is fun, relax and beautiful!

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