The scenery is magical. We definitely can handle peace and quiet aligned with countless swimming and surfing beaches and an abundance of wild life. We are going to stay a few days for sure! With a short ferry ride, we landed at this 70 km long island- Bruny Island!

The view from Brunny Island

The view from Brunny Island

Never heard of Bruny before so it only can mean a low-key tourism destination- i love “almost” intact places…

The water colour is magical in Brunny Island

The water colour is magical


Unspoiled beaches and countless species of birds and marine life and our watches set to Bruny time, we made for a green headland with our day pack.

starting the bush walk

The tracks led to a steep hill and even if hard sometimes the kangaroos along the way cheered me up! Reaching the top of the headland made the struggle worthwhile as we looked down soaring sea cliffs and the most turquoise water that i have ever seen.
Bruny this is a start of an unforgettable stay!

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