Brisbane| The Perfect City Break For Sydneysiders


Some Sydneysiders might find it taboo, but there are benefits to the other major Australian cities. Getting good old civic rivalries out of the way, sometimes you need a little break from your current surroundings and a city break can be the perfect way to get just that. In particular, we’re going to look at how Brisbane can offer many of the comforts you might be used to, but with a different pace.


Soak up some sun

The weather in Sydney is by no means bad, but there are certain periods of the year when it leaves a little to be desired. Brisbane is both a little hotter than Sydney while also seeing a little less rainfall, so the truth is that they have better weather over there. What’s more, there are plenty of beaches nearby that can help you make the best use of it as well. There are few places better in the country for seaside lounging.


Culture without the crowds

Once more, Sydney is by no means bereft of culture and things to do. But it can sometimes be difficult finding it at an affordable price and without having to deal with serious demand selling shows and events out in no time. Brisbane, by comparison, isn’t exactly quiet. However, it can be much easier to find top-notch theatre shows and concerts at affordable prices without being constantly crowded. It’s a more relaxed city, where you can catch a show at your leisure and without being rushed along to book it as soon as humanly possible.


Take in a river cruise

Another similarity: both cities are built on the banks of gorgeous rivers. However, the Brisbane river is way more accessible if you want to go on a sightseeing voyage. Booking a river cruise is not only easy, it’s free. You simply have to find a time that the CityHopper is available (and not fully booked up) and make your reservation. Sometimes, certain stops aren’t accessible by the boat for one reason or another, so make sure you check in advance. Otherwise, Brisbane isn’t too hard to get around, so you can be a little flexible if you feel like staying on for longer.

Brisbane: The Perfect City Break For Sydneysiders

The perfect retreat

Matching that laid back atmosphere and the slower flow that Brisbane has in comparison to Sydney, there are also plenty of places to go when you feel like a quiet retreat, surrounded by some natural beauty. For one, the koala park offers the chance to hold some of those fuzzy critters that Sydneysiders are surprisingly unfamiliar with. But there are also spots like the Botanical Gardens which are amongst some of the best gardens in the city. They are often overlooked by travellers but they can be genuinely jaw dropping.

Living in Sydney can be hectic, so it’s nice that there’s another city for when you want to get out and explore that’s a little more chilled out, a little more slow-going, and with a little nicer weather. Is it time to organize your Brisbane city break?


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