THANK YOU PAUL!!!! what a great festival I loved it!!! I haven’t had so much fun for a while.. great music, company, stalls, and food!!! The Blues Festival runs for 6 days, but because it’s holidays we decided to go on friday to have the rest of the time for a road trip down south.. The festival was unbelivablly well organised, well at least compared with the Portuguese ones.. we camped one night, no alcohol is permited in the camping ground, they even did a car inspection to make sure we didn’t smuggle some (but need to confess that the search was pretty crap. we could have got some drinks in with us…).
The Blues Festival is also known as Mud Festival… But, we got prepared..eheheh we just got the cheapest gumboots that we could find, it however was pretty good weather and no rain at all the mud was there… and we were sweet!!! (I reallly like wearing gumboots 🙂
We got to see soo many good artists.. but my favourite were Erci Bibb, Xavier Rudd, Los Lobos, BB King and the best show ever for me were the Blind Boys of Alabama.. What a show?!? Paul and I were completly stoked…

A good thing in Australian Festivals is that you actually can bring your own fisherman chair and sit where ever you want – what a great idea.. by the middle of the day I couldn’t handle anymore my back ..(getting old..ahh)
But during the festival it was really cruisy, lots of space and air,.. however, an hour before BB King started everyone came to that stage.. We did not want to lose any bit of the concert, so we were straight in front of the stage, like on the fourth row!

We were able to enjoy over half the show in the best spot and could really see all of the bands’ expressions. After this time, I started to get really warm from so many people in the tent… Paul and I moved further back so I could get some air which was a shame but I was struggling with so many people squashed around me!

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    Anonymous Reply 27/04/2011 at 7:38 PM

    I wish I could be there!
    maybe next time … Didi

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