Blue Horizon – Stand Up Paddle


Paddling along the creek

The sport of stand up paddling may have its roots in Polynesian culture, but its popularity has grown in the 21st century. Surfers and nonsurfers alike are being drawn to the water and getting to their feet.

While getting the board and the paddle, the guy said “you’re going to get hooked! All you have to do is try it once!” I looked at him, and thought there isn’t much to it, this sport of stand up paddling.

But he was so damn right… As soon as I got on the board and found my balance I was hooked. The true beauty of this sport lies in the simplicity of paddling along.

Slowly and silently you will glide through the water beyond where you would normally go with a surfboard or swimming, you become largely unnoticed except for the silhouette across the horizon. It becomes just you and the environment. Nothing else…

It’s fun, it’s good fitness and you should give it a try. I’m hooked!

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