After our morning surf and plays in the sand we headed down to Bangalow- a charming country town only a mere stone’s throw from Byron Bay. We would usually embrace the slower pace, enjoy the food and have peak at some of my favourite homeware shops.

Today was different. There was an electric atmosphere full of adrenaline, big dreams and a crowd filling the main street and beyond. Bangalow was hosting the annual Billy Cart derby.

The carts were all shapes and sizes. There were all types of speeds as well- some built more for style; others just seemed that the very act they were built and racing (somewhat safely) down the street was enough. Putting aside the wheel barrow with a rope, there was some amazing crafted and slick looking machines.

Excitement Vs. Fear

We saw carts flying down the road, some crashes at the bottom, some rolls as drivers tried to navigate speed wobbles or dodgy brakes… You could see the shake and hear the rattle as some carts built up the speed down the hill, a stark contrast from the beginning of the race where drivers were trying to wiggle their way to some extra speed to get rolling…

But every now and then, there was an absolute flyer in a heat! It looked scary to be in the seat, and I don’t know how the kids seemed so relaxed heading down with such speed, but I guess there would be amazing bragging rights on Monday!

Family Bond

My favourite race was the parents and children one. Families worked together to build their billy cart to enter this event. What a great thing to do with your kids. It was so cool to see dads and daughters, mothers and sons decked in their racing goggles and helmets preparing for the race and heading down the hill. It wasn’t all serious though. There were carts built for fun and laughter instead of speed. And sometimes these were featured in the family event. And it didn’t matter if you were the fastest or the funniest. Or anywhere in between. Everyone had fun. I have asked Paul to get busy in April next year and Noah agreed he needed to build something. Unfortunately, I get butterflies in my tummy with hills so Paul will have to go down the slope with Noah. I just need to find some racing goggles for them…

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