Are you ready?!? here is the soooo wanted ig news… ready?!?!?
Paul and I are…. Going to China!!!!! yes we are!! I know I have been there in 2003 (sorry can’t quite remember dates) but I travelled mainly on the east coast.. Paul have never been there.. but this time we are goin to Xinjiang provence (literally in the middle of nowhere) because my dad is going to organise a ultra marathon in the Gobi Desert.. So,yes, I get to travel with my dear dad..
(photo from google)
Xinjiang is between kazaquistan, paquistan, tibet and Mongolia.. Paul and I are really pumped to see all the mix culture living together, there are also 3 different languages and urumqui the capital of this provence is the furthest place on earth from a sea!!! ….. Can’ t wait!!!!

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