“Turtles are wild animals and therefore we can’t guarantee that you can see them.. the last turtles that we saw came 3 days ago…Our rangers are on the beach at the moment trying to see if they can spot any.. but we can’t guarantee..”
So we found ourselves in group number one, the first of the evening to go. We
toured the information centre and then watched an introduction film and then a specific movie about Loggerhead turtles, full of facts about them and their struggles to survive. The movies drove me a little bit insane with how many times they remind that “no photography or light was allowed until the ranger said so”… Seriously I think in 30 minutes they told us over 50 times.

It was however definitely worth the wait, we were led down in the dark to the beach to view a loggerhead
turtle nesting in the sand. The turtle was over 1 metre in length (carapace, we
think the term is) She had already hauled herself most of the way up the beach
and was digging a hole with her back legs… into which she then lay 143 eggs.
It was incredible to watch. Afterwards she covered over the hole and made her
way back down to the sea leaving the eggs to hatch and make their own way out
into the world 6 weeks later.

And if that wasn’t enough, we next helped out with the conservation
work. The turtles are nesting at what they believe is above the high tide line, but given the changes in environment and rising tides, often their eggs are not high enough away from the water which would kill the developing babies before they have hatched. As our turtle had done just this we were asked to help carry the eggs to a new hole that was dug a few metres
higher, safe from the encroaching seas… We actually got to carry the tiny eggs! They were a bit like ping pong balls.
We left the beach towards midnight completely enthralled by the whole experience, it was well worth it! I was sooo excited
I still can’t believe that 8 months ago we saw the turtle eggs hatching and little tiny baby turtles coming to surface and now we had the pleasure to see the big mama turtle laying her eggs!!
Wow what an experience!!


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