Sleeping in an airport is something you might associate with missing a flight. For most people, airports are a place to shop in duty free and whittle away the time until flying, but for some of us, airports are a place to crash for the night.

If you are on a tight budget and you are always looking for ways to save a few bucks. Well, why not consider sleeping in an airport? After all, you’re saving money on accommodation, and more importantly, you’re exactly where you need to be in the morning; you don’t have to worry about checking-in on time as you’re already there!

Over the past years I have been sleeping in so many different airports and there are many reasons when traveling (and a little jet lagged) which make your experiences.  Some of those airports are so good that you might even miss your connection

Here is a list of the best airports that you may risk missing your connection because of your terminal one- night stand:

1. Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

Singapore’s Changi Airport, in addition to featuring a butterfly garden, orchids, and a five-metre “Green Wall”, is the best airport in the world to sleep in, thanks to its free massage chairs, low-lit relaxation zones, armrest-free seating and handy mobile charging outlets.

It is, undoubtedly, one of the most pleasant airports that I have passed through—even when on one of those long layovers. Changi features six designated sleep areas with reclining seating and armrest-less gate seats.

If you want to up your experience, you can also spring for a nap room in the Haven by JetQuay, which is in terminal 3, and are available for a minimum of three hours for about $35 (additional hours can be added for about $10 each).

 best airports to sleep in

2. Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport (AMS)

This well-designed airport in the Netherlands boasts designated rest areas with modern lounge seating as well as benches and armrest-free gate seating. It also offers pay-per-use sleep pods, TV lounges, free W-iFi and entertainment activities.

Schiphol Int’l Airport is not only clean, bright and safe but you can also sleep ‘post immigrations’ provided you have a boarding pass for a flight in less than 16 hours.

In the post-Immigrations area there are multiple areas that offer passengers long comfortable sleep loungers. Some of these loungers are in darkened areas, others face out onto the ramp. On one occasion an airport staff member walked through the lounge areas and handed out blankets to us that were staying overnighting the airport. The security staff is also super friendly!

At Schiphol you can also head to one of the two ‘airside’ hotels, like the Yotel, with rooms that rent per hour (minimum 4hrs) with rates as low as €40!

Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport

3. Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

Hong Kong International Airport is great to sleep in with armrest-free and lounge chairs around.  There are also a few showers and the largest IMAX screen in the world!

When staying at HKG overnight, on the ‘land side’ (pre-security) Terminal 1 can be cold and uncomfortable, head instead to Terminal 2, which has a number of large light-boards displaying airport maps. These large light-boards are angled and generally against two walls creating a tall crawl space beneath them. I like sleeping in these spaces because there is always an electrical outlet to plug your laptop and phone in, wifi is free and strong throughout Terminal 2.

For those sleeping at HKG in the passenger terminal there are long lounge chairs in various areas of the airport that are great for sleeping. Inside the passenger terminal there are many small places to find a corner and create your own quiet space.

 best airports to sleep in

4. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur airport takes visitors on a walk through the forest, and also offers plenty of comfortable resting places. Armrest-free gate seating and a rest zone with reclining loungers provide plenty of places for getting comfortable. The hotel also has a gym with showers, luggage storage and spa amenities.

best airports to sleep in

5. Helsinki International Airport, Finland

If you’ve got a layover at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, you’re in luck. Finland’s main international airport is right up there with the world’s best when it comes to catching a few hours’ sleep on your travels. It has comfortable recliner seats, and you can snag yourself a spot in the relaxing Kainuu Lounge, complete with ergonomic seating and plush carpets, open 24/7 and free for all travellers.

Once you’re well rested and recovered from your flight, there’s plenty of free activities and entertainment at this clean and friendly airport including a book exchange, free wi-fi, and an art gallery. The airport continuously runs short-term trials of different traveller amenities including sleeping pods, yoga classes and pop-up restaurants.

And the Worst…

The absolute worst airport for sleeping is Iceland’s Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport.

There is a rule against sleeping at the airport, and security guards take this very seriously. No wonder it is rated the world’s most sleep-unfriendly, with signs explicitly forbidding flyers from attempting some shut-eye. Don’t be surprised to be kicked awake by guards telling you that the airport is “not a hotel.”

best airports to sleep in

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